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VIP Music Records opens to new Regions including EMAIA

After a few years in the industry, the Brooklyn-based music group is expanding its horizons, namely, by reaching and finding a stronger pulse within the EMIA market. The group is a division of VIP Music Records and was founded in 2020 by Fabrizio Moreira, an RIAA Certified Multiplatinum music executive. 

Secret Hit has already established an international presence within the Brazilian, Ukrainian and Russian music industries.  Amongst these collaborations are artists such as NK (Nastia Kamensky), Artik, MC Livinho, Theus Costa, and many more. Spearheading global partnerships is Secret Hit’s Dwayne Grant, known as D-Teck, who recently was named the head of talent and repertory for the EMIA region.

D-Teck is known for being the A&R of Konvict Muzik and the first A&R to introduce a K-pop group to the USA.  He’s no stranger to the scene; he’s currently working with London-based South Asian artist RaOol amongst others sharing close ties with Punjabi singer Jaz Dhami. He was also named the Kala Jatt by fans of the Late Sidhu Moosewala because of his love and continuous support of the Punjabi Legend, who he had the pleasure of knowing and supporting musically. 

Secret Hit seeks to broaden the world of Latin sound within Bollywood, with an overarching ambition to unite culture and music by infusing new sounds and empowering artists- thus giving both the label and audience a wider reach.

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